EZ Staffing Solutions

Providing Customized Healthcare and Dental Practice Solutions

Insurance Eligibility and Breakdowns

Streamline your dental practice with our Dental Insurance Verification Service. Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of insurance verification that ties up your front desk staff. Often, full benefit breakdowns aren't readily accessible online, leading to lengthy wait times of 30-45 minutes per verification when calling representatives. This valuable time could be redirected towards essential office tasks or patient care.

Experience a transformative solution with EZ Staffing's Dental Insurance Verification Service. Enhance your patients' journey, optimize cash flow, and reduce accounts receivable effortlessly and affordably. Gain peace of mind knowing that your patients have access to the most accurate and up-to-date benefit information.

Billing & Claims Follow-Up

Boost your practice profitability with EZ Staffing's straightforward and uncomplicated approach to dental billing and claims follow-up. We integrate a dedicated team member to streamline your billing and claim follow-up, allowing you to focus on superior patient care.

Our remote billing services handle claims, aging claims, denials, payments, and adjustments, giving you back valuable time and energy. With over a decade of industry expertise, we optimize billing processes, leading to increased profits and enhanced patient satisfaction. Experience upward-trending profits and a lighter, more positive clinic environment by entrusting your billing to a dedicated EZ staffing team member.

Scheduling and Phone Support

Proactively managing phone calls and scheduling patient appointments are critical for your practice's ongoing success.

At EZ Staffing, we prioritize seamless integration with your team and systems, ensuring that every detail, no matter how small, is handled. By becoming an extension of your staff, we enhance efficiency and unlock opportunities.

Count on EZ Staffing to maximize your practice's potential, freeing you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care and growing your business with confidence.


Saving costs associated with benefits, unemployment, retirement plans, workman’s comp, disability insurance, recruiting costs, and minimizing liability

Top Quality Customized Service

Start with a remote employee with relevant experience, clear communication skills and a professional demeanor

Personable demeanor and excellent telephone etiquette and attention to detail 

Previous medical office

Proficiency with healthcare and dental terminology and procedures